The Aluminum Narwhals is a part of the Canyon Crest Academy Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Tax ID 03-0542702.

All of your donations to the Aluminum Narwhals are tax deductible. If you would like more information regarding your donation, you can contact the Executive Director, Joanne Couvrette, at or (858) 350-0253 x4005.

How do your donations help us?

We love what we do, and we wish we could achieve everything we think up. The only problem is that everything we need - electronics, lumber, gear boxes, aluminum, polycarbonate, coaching, travel - costs money. That’s why we need you; with your donation, we are able to realize our dreams and learn valuable skills.

How to donate:

In order to keep developing our skills and pursuing our goals, our requested donation is $650. There are two ways to support our team:

By Check
You can donate directly to our team using the online donation form.
  1. Head over to the CCA Foundation online donation form.
  2. Select the "Gift to a Quest Program" checkbox.
  3. Select "Robotics Team" from the dropdown.
You can also donate directly to our team by writing us a check.
  1. Make the check payable to:
  2. ‘Canyon Crest Academy Foundation’
  3. Include ‘QUEST/Robotics’ on the memo line
  4. Drop off the check or mail it to:
  5. 5951 E Village Middle Loop Rd
    San Diego, CA 92130

Donation Levels

All of our donors are incredibly important to us. We recognize all of our donor in accordance with their giving level. See the CCA Foundation Giving Levels.