Caroline McSherry


Caroline McSherry joined the team her freshmen year as an inquisitive woman with no background in engineering. However, she quickly became very involved with the team. She was appointed the role of Head of Marketing and Head of Strategy, where she thrived as the coach of the drive team. The 2015/2016, she designed a new team structure along with other leadership members that effectively created the sectors of Business and Submissions. In 2016/2017, Caroline assisted on the Chairman’s essay while also running 4 Narwhal-created FLL teams, teaching free robotics classes at local middle schools and libraries, and coaching the drive team for another year. She was Vice President of the Narwhals during her junior year and is now the current President.

Jannie Yu

Vice President

Jannie Yu joined the team as a freshman hoping to continue building robots after participating in FTC in 8th grade. During her first two years on the team, she was part of the Mechanical sector, and focused on robot design and construction. However, as she neared towards junior year, she felt that the team lacked support in the business aspect, so she led the team’s newly created Business sector in junior year. As a Head of Business, she was responsible for writing grant proposals for corporate sponsorships, strengthening community relations, and organizing outreaches. Despite having no experience, she found herself to be more successful than expected, receiving several new corporate sponsors and over-watching several new outreach workshops and programs. Now, as a Vice President, she is responsible for watching over the Leadership team and passing on everything she has learned to younger members.

Joshua Fuller

Head of Mechanical

Joshua Fuller is Senior and a fourth year on the team. While he was interested in being a mechanic, his first job on the team was actually driver, a position he held for 2 years. He eventually moved away from driver in order to focus on his true passion. By acting as a head CADer for Battle at the Border, he solidified his position as a lead mechanic. When he’s not slaving away at the computer, he’s out giving presentations to school and teaching classes. Josh has been a lead teacher of free engineering workshops, a mentor for FLL teams, and an instructor for the Robotics summer camp. His aptitude for teaching helped earn him the title of Head of Mechanical. Now he designs curriculum and organises build schedules. Over the summer he designed an entire robot, just so that the freshman could get practice machining before the season. He hopes to leave behind a solid foundation of skills and organization so that the team may thrive.

Ronak Roy

Head of Controls

Ronak Roy joined the team in his freshman year, interested in engineering and fascinated by the prospect of being able to work on a massive robot. During his first build and competition season, he was a dedicated scout, playing a large role in the development of the scouting system for FIRST Stronghold. From there, he went to pursue controls, starting at the end of his first year. Over his second year, he immersed himself in the world of controls, constantly learning more about programming and electronics and contributing to the competition robot as Lead Programmer. During his time as a Narwhal, he also developed a number of projects for the team, such as the redesigned, built-from-scratch website, Raspberry Pi attendance scanner, branding guidelines, and bubble sheet scouting system. As Head of Controls, Ronak hopes to be able to foster the same interest he has in controls in future generations of Narwhals.

Zoë Chan

Head of Business

Zoë Chan joined the team as freshman with a love for STEM and an interest in business. She immediately joined the business and submissions division with a desire to contribute to the team. She mostly worked with submissions for much of offseason and learned a plethora of writing skills. When competition season hit, Zoë joined Strategy and bonded with the team during the trials of build season, and the joys of competition. After competition season ended, she returned to Business to plan and participate in school presentations and outreach events. Now, as the Head of Business, Zoë looks forward contributing to the team by researching grants and other outreach opportunities for the team. Zoë is interested in human biology and possibly medical research in the future. She participates in competitive water polo, enjoys spending time with friends, and loves to read outside of robotics.

Harris Beg

Head of Submissions

Harris Beg joined the team in his freshman year out of sheer curiosity. When he first joined, he was immediately magnetized towards joining Controls, as result of the numerous programming languages he had learned by himself, and his past knowledge of Robotics. Over the course of that very year, however, he had explored almost all of the subdivisions while he was a member of Strategy, and eventually became intrigued by the responsibilities of Submissions. When he isn’t doing Robotics, Harris programs iOS, Android, and Web applications, competes in numerous competitions, and plays tennis. Regardless of this, Harris’ ability to communicate and convey the ideals of Team 3128 creates an illustrious portal towards achieving new feats.

Drake Taylor

Head of Construction

Drake Taylor joined the team in his Sophomore year with a general interest in engineering. He found his place on the team when he started building the wooden practice field. He has continued to build the practice field for the team and has taught others how to do the same. Due to the growing need for increasingly complex fields the Construction sector was created with Drake as the head. Drake wants to use the skills of the Construction sector to continue the success of team 3128.

Alex Lillian

Head of Strategy

Alex Lillian is an 11th grader who spends much too much time listening to Jazz music and writing for his Dungeons and Dragons group. He got his start in robotics in 6th grade when he was a founding member of his school’s fll robotics club. He then spent the next two years in his middle school FTC team, The Intercontinental Ballistic Ninjas. Throughout his middle school life Alex admired The Aluminum Narwhals for their willingness to help out his school, and their general aura of kindness and cooperation. Upon entering high school he joined the Aluminum Narwhals from the start and joined the strategy department his first year. His Sophomore year he was in charge of the systems and computer analysis for the strategy department. Outside of robotics he is a prospective eagle scout and a competitive fencer.