Hello fellow Narwhals,

This is Jessica and I am a member of the Business division. One of the projects I have been working on over the past couple weeks in addition to the sponsors, grants, and merchandise is starting a blog page for the team website. With the blog, I hope to provide fellow Narwhals, Narwhal parents, and passers-by updates on the happenings of our team. These updates will be written fellow team members and I and will keep y’all up-to-date on the weekly progress of each division: Mechanical, Controls, Business, Submissions, Construction, and Strategy. This inaugural update will cover mini-updates on the aforementioned divisions and the adventures of several team members in Panama.


In Mechanical, the mechanites have been working hard on manufacturing different parts for prebot, our most ambitious engineering challenge to date. Head of Mechanical, Josh Fuller, hopes to use this experience to introduce new members to the process of designing, CADing, manufacturing, and building an FRC competition robot. Finally, several mechanites got the opportunity to work and experiment with the Sprout Pro computer our team recently received through a CA FIRST grant, scanning and creating a small library of scans of various past FRC and VEX game pieces.


In the Controls over the last several weeks, Head of Controls, Ronak Roy, has been teaching his controlspeople (named that by the Man himself) Java, and how to use our team’s dedicated FRC library of code. Through his class, controlspeople of all experiences are welcomed into the fray. Ronak has been instructing his people on how to code for the tele-operated (tele-op) period of competition, which is the time when drivers are allowed to control the robot. Through these classes, controlspeople get to learn and code as if they were programming the competition bot.


In Business, business associates have been wrapping up the final sponsorship and grant applications of the year. Head of Business, Zoë Chan, and other members have applied and received sponsorships from returning sponsors Leidos, Qualcomm, Solidworks, Nordson Asymtek, ViaSat, and the Gene Haas foundation, as well as new sponsors. Hp has generously given us Sprout Pro Grant, which includes $1500 and a new computer. Through the business division, members are given the opportunity to work and communicate with professionals in STEM industries. Members have also been organizing various outreach events to gain publicity for the team. Finally, associates have been working on team merchandise for the new year including team t-shirts, track jackets, and crew socks.


In Submissions, Head of Submissions, Harris Beg, and submissions members have been working on preparing awards for the upcoming competition season. These awards include Chairman’s, Engineering Inspiration, Creativity, and Dean’s List. Harris has been teaching members the team’s history in preparation for the Chairman’s prompts. Finally, submissions members have been brainstorming and revising our team’s mission statement to better reflect our values. (TBA3128).


In Construction, construction workers constructed a laptop cabinet to store our new surplus of laptops from Computers2SDKids. Head of Construction, Drake Taylor, used it as a learning project to teach members carpentry. One challenge members faced was the precision required to insert and secure the dividers. After assembling and painting the cabinet, construction workers experimented with how to efficiently organise the cabinet to accommodate the laptops.


In Strategy, Head of Strategy, Alex, and his fellow strategerizers have been hard at work watching and analyzing match videos from last year’s competition season. A typical day in strategy has strategerizers picking one of six robot to watch the entire duration of the match. From there, member gather sheets of quantitative and qualitative data and input it into spreadsheets. Finally, the division comes together as a whole to analyze and assess teams’ overall performance in competition to create a theoretical pick lists for the elims. This gives the member practice for when they have to create a real pick list during competition.


This week, several team members traveled with a couple of our school’s conservatory members and FTC team members to Ciudad del Saber, “City of Knowledge”, Panama. Here, they have been working with students from the Metropolitan School of Panama (MET), running workshops for 3rd graders and presentation for 8th graders. Furthermore, members visited and worked with the robotics team based at Magden David Academy (MDA). Finally, members got to tour and travel around the City of Knowledge, visiting the local tourist attractions including beaches, rainforests, and castles.

Have a good Thanksgiving break Narwhals and see you in two weeks!

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