After a long day of practice matches, it was finally time for the first official competition day of Del Mar Regional!

During practice matches yesterday, we ran into a multitude of problems, so our first priority this morning was to resolve those issues. Thankfully, the majority of our difficulties were solved yesterday; however, the controls department still had trouble fixing vision and autonomous programs, a problem that lingered throughout the first half of the day. We still continued to work hard to do our best in the qualification matches.

Our first qualification match was a disaster. During the autonomous period, our robot did not move at all. Throughout the teleop phase, we could not score a single power cell point. Towards the end, we resolved to playing defense, but unfortunately, our robot got intertwined with our opponent’s robot, causing us to not be able to move at all. We were crushed by a score of 88-35.

We quickly identified the problems and tried our best to solve the issues. Our next match, qualification 18, went a lot better. Although we still could not get our auto to work, we were able to score a few power cell points during teleop. In the endgame, we were able to hang with our alliance partner, the Leodroids. Our alliance won 105-70.

The mechanical and controls department continued to work hard to solve our ongoing problems and fix other parts. Luckily, our autonomous program was up and running by qualification match 33. Sadly, it was not enough to bring out our best performance, causing us to continue to fall short of our expectations. Even teleop was not going our way, as it was difficult to score points and support our alliance partners. One thing that was continuously working was our ability to hang, which helped us rack up points in the endgame.

We also held a raffle with the prize being a custom made narwhal horn! Teams could enter by stopping by our pit to color a narwhal coloring sheet. We had a total of 3 winners, coming from the members of these 3 teams: Leodroids, TCATs, and Team Rewind.

Overall, the day did not go well for us, since we ended the day with a rank of 56 out of 58 teams. However, we were still able to solve a few problems, and we still look forward to getting much more accomplished on day 3!

See you then!

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