Greetings my fellow horned mammalian friends!

With four weeks (well now five weeks since this post is a bit late) of build season already behind us, designs are being finalized, and the final robot is underway. Machines are whirring, CAD-ders be CAD-ing, and drive team is practicing, all in hopes that we can do much better than last year (rip Cheems). Anyways, here are some updates from our departments:

Over the past couple of weeks, mechanical has been finalizing the robot’s design. As the CAD model gets finalized, the people in the workshop are kicking manufacturing into high gear. Although we have had some major setbacks regarding our CNC Router, we have been able to overcome them with only a minimal setback. As everyone at home wraps up design, they will transition into designing our curriculum for Narwhal Connections over the next few months.
- Aaron B.

Over the last few weeks, Controls has started going into the workshop more often to wire up, test code on, and otherwise work with physical robots. We were able to get a small drivetrain prebot functional, providing a platform on which we were able to test some of the big code changes we had made over the past several months. In order to improve the robot’s ability to control itself autonomously, we have also been researching and implementing code that allows us to plot paths and trajectories on the field for the robot to follow–initial proof-of-concept tests have been completed using the prebot. Now, we need to expand our autonomous capability, then actually start programming the paths we need the robot to follow for competition. Additionally, Drive Team has also been using the prebot to begin some preliminary practice, and Controls has been helping to provide technical support and optimize constants and code as the drivers continue to test the limits of the prebot’s teleoperated capability. We plan to start working on wiring the competition robot in the coming weeks, and programming it not long thereafter–we’re looking forward to seeing all of this work come to fruition in the form of a completed robot!
- Mason H.

Last week, the Business department finished writing and designing the Offseason Newsletter. New members published the article, which details our team’s accomplishments during that period, to our team’s sponsors. Business is now focused on writing the Nissan grant and developing an entrepreneur curriculum.
- Kevin Z.

The game manual sub-group has completed the first draft of the game manual and plan to finalize the game manual and begin drafting responses to the prompts required for submission. They plan to get the final draft of the game manual and first drafts of the responses done for next Friday’s meetings. Meanwhile, the CAD group has made significant progress designing the microwave phone box and the other scoring elements and plan to put them together on the complete field and finish a polished first draft by next Friday as well.
- Yash V.

Welp, that’s all for this week. Hopefully, all continues to go well!

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