On April 20th, 2019, the competition seasons of our team and 402 other teams competing at the FIRST Robotics Competition World Championships in Houston, Texas officially came to a close. We did it! Months of hard work, lost sleep, overwhelming excitement, and make-up assignments gave us our team’s best season yet!

Gromit has proven to be one of the fastest, most robust, and effective robots this year, with a Quality Award-winning design that allowed him to score hatch panels and cargo with ease, as well as reliably climb to HAB levels 2 and 3. Coupled with an advanced yet intuitive control system that featured computer vision-aided scoring, brilliant and meticulously crafted match strategies, and of course some of the best driving I have ever seen, Gromit was unstoppable.

Gromit went undefeated during Qualification Matches at the 2019 Monterey Bay Regional, with a ranking score of a whopping 3.0, and led our team to rank 6th out of 67 teams in the Galileo Subdivision. As a result, our team, for the first time ever, was the captain of our alliance in subdivision playoffs.

All of this would not be possible, of course, without the jaw-dropping efforts of our Business Department, who pushed harder than ever before to give us an amazing fundraising season, in which our team ended with a record number of sponsors that awestruck judges and other teams alike. The incredible plan our Business team developed fosters strong relationships with our community and our sponsors and was recognized with the Entrepreneurship Award at the 2019 Monterey Bay Regional.

Looking back, it’s absolutely incredible to me just how far our team has come. The combination of intensely collaborative work with a focus on passing down knowledge and skills to new generations of Narwhals has built our team up as an incredible environment for engineering that inspires teamwork, technical expertise, and, of course, loads of fun–enabling our team to finish this season with an incredible 33-13 record (that’s a 2.54 win/loss ratio, for any of y’all wondering).

While I could not have asked for a better experience throughout my four years of high school on this team, we’re far from done. There’s a lot still going on this year, and this summer, to get us ready to keep shooting for DEEP SPACE (err, keep RECHARGING? in an INFINITE manner?).

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