Basic Rules

  • Follow the Team 3128 COVID-19 Safety Plan.
  • If you feel sick, please stay at home!
  • If you get sick, please contact a coach as soon as possible (even if it’s just a cold).
  • Wear your mask.
  • Safety glasses must be on at all times while in the workshop.
  • No food or beverages are permitted in the workshop. If you bring food or beverages, they may be consumed outside the workshop only. No sharing!


Q: How can students be going back to campus for extracurricular activities? We thought they weren’t going back to school until January?

A: No one is more surprised than us. This question was asked multiple times with the same “yes” answer. If a student wants to return to campus in-person for robotics, they will be able to.

This was referenced during a CCA presentation on November 4, 2020; a recording is available here. Starting at 8:23, they list the groups that are allowed to return to campus. At 8:54, “small groups for extracurriculars” is mentioned, which includes robotics.

Q: What about other clubs and sports?

A: We do not know the state of others clubs and sports. For inquiries unrelated to robotics, please check with the CCA Administration.

Q: What about robotics at other high schools?

A: We also do not know anything definitive in regards to other high schools. Please check with each school’s administration.

Q: How safe is my student, if they come back to the robotics workshop in-person?

A: As safe as we can possibly make it. We are limited to “Pods” of 14 students at a time. Cleaning and sanitising protocols are in place for the team and CCA is sanitising all classrooms. Contact tracing protocols are also in place. Cleaning and sanitising products are being purchased.

This was referenced during a CCA presentation on November 4, 2020; a recording is available here. Starting at 15:50, there is a presentation of the protocols that will be in place come January. These are the same protocols that Team 3128 will be adhering to.

Q: What if state, local, or SDUHSD rules change?

A: As soon as any rules affecting team operation change, they will be implemented immediately if possible; otherwise, the team will take a hiatus from entering the workshop until the changes can be accommodated.

What happens if a student in a Pod exhibits symptoms, is sick, or tests positive for COVID-19?

A: We will follow contact tracing protocol as mandated by CCA and SDUHSD. Please reference this CCA presentation for more information. Starting at 22:00, the “Procedures for Exposure, Illness or Contact” are shown. Starting at 22:30, Asst. Principal Storey explains in detail what happens in each case. The “Student Symptoms Decision Tree” protocol is what we will follow.

Q: Can parents visit the workshop?

A: No, parents may not visit the workshop. Currently, the CCA Administration has said that parents and other adults (who are not CCA or SDUHSD staff, teachers, team coaches, or mentors) may only be on campus if they have a prior appointment. Unfortunately, walk-in visits are not permissible. During a normal year, parents would be able to visit.

Q: My student’s cell phone has no reception in the workshop. How can we reach them?

A: We have a landline in the workshop: (858) 350-0253 x4173. However, some of our tools can be extremely loud. If no one answers, please call back; we may not have heard the phone over the noise.

You can also email the Head Coach, Chris Low, at She is the primary Coach in the workshop.

Q: Is my student eating? Staying hydrated?

A: Normally, food and beverages are allowed in the workshop, but not during COVID-19. Students may bring food and beverages, but they must remain outside the workshop and can only be consumed outside the workshop. “Outside” is in reference to the area just beyond the workshop doors, where students generally congregate (while maintaining social distancing).