Volunteer Counselor

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Volunteers spend the week helping campers learn how to build robots through our robotics kits, and help us to maintain a fun and engaging environment.   The responsibilities of our Volunteer Counselor include, but are not limited to:

  • Interacting with campers and parents on a daily basis in a kind, responsible manner.
  • Participating in games and activities throughout the day
  • Guiding campers through daily challenges in groups of two or four
  • Attending a daily counselor meeting before campers arrive
  • Alerting staff to students experiencing problems
  • Watching over campers during lunch time

All applicants for this position must, as of June 1st, 2015:

  • Signed and submitted a camp liability waiver

Work Life

Volunteer Counselors arrive at 8am for their morning Counselor Meeting where they will be briefed on the activities for the day. At 8:30a, Volunteer Counselors will meet with campers and engage campers in pre-camp activites.   During the day, Volunteer Counselors will watch over their assigned groups and guide campers through building activities. Volunteer Counselors will help move campers between different activities and alert the Camp Staff to any problems that arise.   At the end of the day, Volunteer Counselors will help engage kids in post-camp games and then attend the Counselor Wrap-Up Meeting. Volunteer Counselors will leave at 4pm.

In order to sign up, please register on our volunteer form.