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Our goal as a camp is to create an atmosphere for preteens and middle school students to become aware of and excited about science, technology, engineering and math. We want to provide a safe space where students can explore and become passionate about new subjects that they might desire to pursue in middle school, high school, and possibly throughout the rest of their lives.

What happens at camp?

All of our camp programs have a ton of fun stuff going on. Each age group has exciting and engaging activities aimed at giving students an awesome camp experience. Here’s a couple things that we do during the week:

Team Robot Building/Competition

Campers divide up into teams for the week and are given tasks to preform with their robot. To solve these tasks, campers must build and program their robot to move in a way that accomplished the task. During the week, we’ll have competitions so that the different teams can learn new perspectives on completing the challenge, as well as test their final product to see how well they did.

7/8th Campers

Throughout this entire process, mentors are constantly around to help lead campers in the right direction to solving their problem as well as to help the campers translate their ideas into a work robot. Our goal is to empower campers to be able to see what is possible with their ideas and help give them the power to explore technology and engineering.


What would camp be without some fun outside? Each day we’ll spend some time outside to get the muscles moving, as well as socialize and stimulate the brain with games like capture the flag, ninja, dodge ball, ultimate frisbee and more.

7/8th Campers


Camper pickup is at 3:00p, but sometimes, your campers need to stay a bit later. We get it; that’s why we have aftercare. Your campers can stay with us until 5:00 PM. Learn more.