Hello friends of Team 3128! We are deep into the Deep Space challenge.

No panic yet, that is to come…

Prototyping, brainstorming, learning the game manual - oh my.
What are the max points possible? (154)

Can we climb from Hab level to Platform 3?
Can ANYONE? How?

Mechs worked on a practice bot, alums visited, taught, built things.

Intakes and elevators were drawn, discussed, discarded, drawn again.

Hatch pickup and placement systems were evaluated.

Game pieces were ordered, materials were evaluated, Home Depot was raided by alums and mentors.

The sound of saws and hammers from the construction team.

The smell of sawdust.

Videos of robots climbing stairs were studied from youtube and Ri3d.

Coders coded.

What to do during Sandstorm… auto? Vision system? Drive blind??

It rained! (This is a Big Deal in San Diego)

It got COLD (OK, midwest Teams, 42F and 60%Rh is cold here)

The ONE thing we’ve learned as a Team - nothing good happens when the Team is hangry.

To our providers of Food - we are forever grateful!

Sunday Lunch was provided on Sunday by the Fuller and Soin families - thank you!! So much appreciated!

Mentor Denise Gibbs was again the savior by bringing in an old dorm fridge for our leftovers.

The Monday afterschool team was HAPPY to help clear out that fridge.

A solid 9 hours on Saturday, 6 hours on Sunday… things are coming together. A plan is being formulated.
Backordered items are being re-ordered.
A “blind” texture test of the real expensive HDPE hab covering vs. a possible cheaper alternative is planned…

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