Hey Narwhals!

Hope second semester is treating everyone well! With week 4 over our shoulders, our robot is looking solid - 2 more weeks left (thank god, a few of us are practically living at CCA). A picture of the finalized CAD model and a video showing our current progress of a driving robot have been attached below.

Sector Updates:

Mechanical: (drafted by Christian Cooper)
“This week has no doubt been insanely productive for mechanical. The CAD for the robot was completed meaning that we moved from the design phase to the manufacturing phase. We have manufactured almost every single part of our practice bot, as well as some of our competition bot. And finally we have what is essentially a driving robot ( a few minor things wrong). Each side of the robot is a two speed, shifting, fishtail drive. The practice bot will hopefully be done by the end of next week with the start of competition bot manufacturing underway.”

Controls: (developed by Jamie Smith)
“This week, controls made great progress! We built the practice bot controls board in a single day, and used it to test our teleoperated code for the robot. The code only needed a few tweaks, and now it’s working great! Next, we conversed with Strategy to plan out the robot’s actions in autonomous, and now we have a plan. Our top priority is an autonomous that starts near the boiler, drives over to the hopper, gets balls from it, and shoots these balls into the high goal. It’s ambitious, but we’re hoping that we can use our new, more accurate sensors to make this a reality. For matches that aren’t close enough to be settled by autonomous shooting, we’re also writing autonomouses that can score on each of the three gear pegs. Finally, near the end of the week, we prepared the pneumatics systems for the competition and practice bots, and started on the competition bot’s electronics board. Next week’s sure to be even more busy, because the practice bot will be finished soon, and then we can start testing our programs with actual hardware.”

Short email this week. If you ever so happen to have any questions that remain unanswered, please do feel free to shoot me an email - I’m always open. That’s all for this week; here’s your weekly quotation to ponder:

*“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.”

  • Fred Rogers*

‘Done’ is fleeting adjective; new paths continue where old ones end, just don’t hesitate to look past the bushes.
~Raylen L

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